Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Tree Has Arrived

Speaking of holiday traditions, one of ours in the Valentino household is to cut down our Christmas tree at Pruitts Little Farm in Round Hill, VA

We grab a saw and start our trek to the far back of the farm to find that perfect tree. The cold wind always seems to find us, but when we look up in the distance and see the Blue Ridge Mountains it doesn't bother us. While we wait for the kind farm hands to prep our tree for the ride home, we can sit by the parlor stove with some hot chocolate and candy canes. This year we kind of bailed on that part of the tradition and sat in the warm car instead. After putting up the tree, giving it lots of water, and putting on the lights and decorations, this is what we now see in our dining room. Check out my blog tomorrow to see how I add this to my premade scrapbook layout.....


  1. Absolutely beautiful Danielle!

  2. Thank you, Terri. This is my favorite time of year!!!!!



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