Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer has begun!

Happy summer to all! It has been a wonderful month. The weather has finally warmed up, school is out, and we already enjoyed our first beach vacation of the season. With that many more memories to cherish. I was definitely more in tune, this time around, to all the "little" things my daughters say and do that make me feel compelled to carry that journal around and log everything. Precious moments you never want to forget.

I got to play with lots of new paper and materials from Close To My Heart......Moon Doggie is one of my favorites....I created some great layouts AND cards as well. I even came up with some great gift ideas. I got to experiment with prisma glitter and the "write-n-rub pen".....what an awesome way to add so sparkle to your projects.

Moon Doggie was a great paper pack to make wonderful cards with. These cards were a lot of fun and easy to make.


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