Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Today Is The Day! April Fools NOT!

Hello everyone and happy April!  I am so excited today, I can hardly stand it!  Why you ask?  Well because anyone who joins my team this month gets spoiled rotten!  Here's the scoop....

Over the weekend, an old friend approached me and asked "Danielle, how do you do it?  How do you work, take care of your 3 kids, and your house and still have time to be a consultant for CTMH?"  I didn't have to think at all when it just flew off my tongue..."I do it because it makes me happy." 

Yep, you see, my belief is this:  life is just way too short and precious at that.  I am not going to sit around being sad, feeling unfulfilled, and just plain tired and cranky.  When I am happy my family is happy..so you see, I NEED Close To My Heart. 

Think of it like this, you are like a bank account.  If you keep withdrawing (by doing dishes, making meals, caring for your ill children, fixing beds, scrubbing toilets, volunteering at school, teaching your children at home, working your 9-5 job....you get where I am going with this) and you don't make any deposits, you eventually end up with a zero (or even negative) balance.  That's it, nothing left to give.  So making a deposit into myself is heading off to do the next fun project or teaching others to do that scrapbook layout or meeting up with my team to put ideas together.......so you see, I NEED Close To My Heart because it makes me happy, makes me feel fulfilled!  Everyone deserves to be happy, everyone deserves to LOVE what they do for a living, everyone deserves to feel fulfilled.

So for all of those who like to scrapbook, makes cards, stamp, or create other projects...you have a place at Close To My Heart!  You are welcome here......

You can simply join to earn the benefits of being a consultant, such as a discount on product, opportunity to attend convention, etc.  Or, you may want to make a few extra dollars to help contribute towards your family's expenses.  I know that this has been a wonderful journey for me and have learned so much in addition to meeting some pretty awesome people along the way!  Whatever you decide you can bet I will help you every step of the way along with my wonderful teammates.  Not to mention, joining our team is affordable with start up cost being just $99 plus tax and shipping (for more than $300 worth of product).  Take a look here to see what the kit includes.  But WAIT!!!!!!  That's not all!

If you join my team from April 1st-30th you can not only get your starter kit, but you can also choose one of Close To My Heart's Cricut cartridge collections and it's yours...FREE!  

 Image Gallery image  Image Gallery image  Image Gallery image

That's right...another $99 worth of product making that a total of over $400 in product for $99.  And if that isn't enough, if you make $1200 in your first 90 days as a consultant (and you will have my help as I will be your mentor and guide), you will get back your sing-on fee of $99 in cash!  So signing up would be FREE!  Not to mention you will get a FREE gift from me valued at $35.  So come join me in this awesome adventure!  I cannot wait to help you start your incredible journey!


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