Friday, December 28, 2012

Make Time For You!

It;s the most wonderful time of the year....................I know what you must be saying:  "Danielle, Christmas is OVER!!".  Yes, you are right, it is over, HOWEVER, the most wonderful time of the year really is NOW!  That time where you make all these promises to do things differently for the new year.  You know, like go on a diet, exercise more, re-organize your closets and office, stop over-committing, make more time for yourself!!!!  I know because I make promises every year.  However, this time I am actually going to follow through on my promises. 

I am beginning to look at myself as a bank account.  If I keep withdrawing without any deposits, I will eventually end up at ZERO dollars.  I need to "deposit" in more for me so I can get that same feeling of fulfillment when I do something for others. 

So with all that is the time that you need to follow through on that promise to yourself!  To all those "pinners" sitting on Pinterest all day (and I can easily fall into that category) stop pinning the stuff and start making the stuff!  To all those that keep saying "I always wanted to start scrapbooking so I bought all this stuff and never even touched it", come to a class or two and you will be sure to complete the projects we plan for.  Even if it is one class per month, that is 6 pages you will complete.  I bet that would be 6 more than you would do on your own.  I promise to make it easy for you and you will have fun while doing it.  AND, it will be time for yourself.  All yours and no one else can touch it.

Come on over to my calendar and see if any class times work for you.  Also, keep in mind, this month's special can easily be earned when you sign up for a class.  Whooo's Your Valentine is an adorable treat holder kit that can be yours for just $10 with any $35 purchase.  So you can easily get your own kit when purchasing materials needed for the classes.  Take a look at a few of the finished product here:

Kit includes the following:
12 – Die-Cut Boxes (3 each of 4 colors: Blush, Hollyhock, Ruby, White Daisy)
3 – 12" × 12" Cardstock Sheets (Blush, Hollyhock, White Daisy)
1 – Sheet Silver Glitter Paper – new product for Spring/Summer 2013!
12 – Treat Tubes with Lids – new product for Spring/Summer 2013!
1 – My Acrylix® Whooo’s Your Valentine Stamp Set (D-size)

So go on over to my website  here  and start shopping.  Don't forget to include your Whooo's your Valentine kit!!!!  As always, contact me with any questions.  Here's to a happy and prosperous new year for all!

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