Friday, April 8, 2011

Creativity Passed On

My nine year old little girl, Caterina, is exceptionally creative.  She always has been.  She loves to color, draw, paint, sculpt, design, you name it!!!  She is very quiet and focused and loves music.  Such a super kid and I am blessed to be her mommy. 
She has been attending art classes for 5 weeks now and really enjoys it.  She loves the instruction from an art teacher, using all kinds of medium, and being with other kids her age.  Tonight was the gallery opening and art show where her hard work was displayed for all to enjoy.  What a great time!  You could see just how proud she was to explain her work.  Of course, being her mommy (and daddy too), I am her biggest fan and think anything she creates in beautiful…:).
Here she is showing off one of her first creations using cool velvet paper and oil pastels:  Fish in the Ocean…
artwork 002
I  did however have some favorites.  Here are two of them:  An oil pastel of a poppy flower and a sunset she created using a scratch method and some added texture using the corrugated side of cardboard.
artwork 009artwork 018
Off course, I will be framing this artwork and preserving these moments by scrapping and journaling.  I sure hope she carries this passion with her through life.

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