Monday, November 8, 2010

Live The Moment To The Fullest

It is this time of year that I find it so difficult to savor the moment we are in and not "rush" through this precious time we have with our loved ones. I love the holiday season and I am trying so hard not to fly through it. I am really enjoying taking this time to take in all the signs of this fabulous season. The colors of the leaves, the cooler air, the cozy nights. I love it all.

What does any of this have to do with my love of scrapbooking and teaching others to preserve their memories? EVERYTHING! It makes me remember how important it is to make time for my family. Make memories that are worth preserving. Make time for myself to do the one thing I love to do. It gives me the chance to regroup, decompress, and really think about the moments shared. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and the main reasons are the crisp, cool air, and the amazing colors. Close To My Heart offers this beautiful paper, Olivia, that has the awesome fall colors, and amazing textures and prints . Pictured here is the fanned out deck or tags I added to my recent layout to add more space for pictures and journaling. It is a super fun technique and it is shown in our new "how to" book "Magic".

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