Saturday, November 6, 2010

It has been awhile.....

since I have posted on my blog (I am so sorry about that). As many of you know, I wear many hats. I am a wife, mom of 3, a teacher, and a crafter. Since the beginning of school, my schedule has been something fierce BUT I love every minute of it. Though I have taken a break from my blog, I have NOT taken a break from creating. Matter-of-fact I have been whipping up some pretty cool creations and I cannot wait to get the ball rolling again with sharing them all with you. So let's get started with catching up.

We just finished up one of the first holidays of the most exciting time of year for me and my family. Halloween was so fun this year. My younger two girls decided to "create" their own costume this year (I wonder where they got that from). They were hobos. As for my oldest, well she was a fortune teller. I spent some time thinking about whether or not this will be the last year trick-or-treating for her. She still seems to have so much fun with the neighborhood gang.

The girls and I also had fun making some fun treats this year to share with our teachers and others that are a part of our daily schedule. We decided to try making chocolate dipped pretzels. We used some fun molds like, pumpkins, skeletons, and rats. Of course, I had to make some fun tags to put on them using CTMH's Hooligans paper. What a fun paper! I am having a blast using this cute pack. Just add some assorted, felt "Hooligans" and some opaques and you are all done.

I have been having a great time hosting the "Do you believe in magic?" club. I am helping my girls put together some really cool layouts and making the most of the page "space" by making them more interactive. We meet once a month and get down to work.....pictured here is the most recent layout we did using CTMH's "Olivia". The layout was in the newest How-to book "Magic" and we altered it using a gift tag style "deck" that you can add pictures and journaling to. What is really neat is how the deck fans out (like a deck of playing cards). A ribbon attached to the base cardstock holds your tags in place when pages are closed.

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  1. I used to always want to be a gypsy for Halloween when I was younger =)



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