Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun With paper Folds

So I have been taking the passed couple of days to experiment with paper folds. There are so many super cute things you can add to your creations. Pictured here is a card I made using CTMH's Passages paper pack. I added a waterfall fold to the front to hold a cute little tag. This card will be shared with my family in NY. We just returned from a wonderful visit to their beach house and wanted to say "thank you" for the memories.

Start with a 3x3 square of your favorite paper (This is one of many great reasons why CTMH's B&T Duos are awesome. Because there is texture and pattern on both sides, you'll get an alternating affect when folding.)

Fold the paper side to side and then bottom to top. Turn the folded square so the point with open edges is at the top. Begin folding down each individual layer ending about 1/4" from the first layer. Do not fold the last layer! That is are done.

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