Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Days Wrapping Up

So, can you believe it is already August? I cannot believe how long we wait for this awesome season and break from the "school" routine, and it flies by so quickly. Well so far we have had a great "family" summer. We actually tried to stop and smell the roses, if you would. Took some beach trips, days at the library, hiking, visits with family, and celebrating birthdays. These are the small things that make some great memories for our children. I love that my daughters share the same interest in creating memories through crafting. I think it is such a healthy outlet as well as a good way to reflect the times they had with each other and with friends.

Another love of mine.....birthdays! My daughter, Caterina, celebrates her 8th birthday this month. Her cousin also celebrates his birthday this month. "What is the big deal?", you ask.....well how many of us can say we share a birthday with a cousin...yep, they were born the same day 1 1/2 hours apart. Their daddies are brothers and we lived apart in different states. This is something the children cherish.

You all know I love "Moon Doggie".......what a great paper to scrap our summer memories.....whether you are at the pool or the beach or the park.....and the colors are awesome too.The Cranberry and Desert Sand colors are warm and cool at the same time and the Indian Corn Blue is so much like the sky and water......when you put them all together along with the tropical flower patterns, so beautiful. Here is a picture of my niece enjoying a trip to Ocean City, MD.

Another paper I fell in love with is "Majestic Blue" first I thought it would be great for some of my beach pictures.....but as I got to play around with it.....realized it is quite versatile. So, I decided to use it to scrap my hiking pictures.

So I will continue to scrap my summer memories, for new memories will be forming soon as we begin a new school year and the fall moves in.

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