Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don't Forget The Little Things

This is the time of year where I always ask myself, "what should I be taking pictures of?" and "what moments should I journal?"  Well, of course, there is the obvious like opening gifts on Christmas morning, Christmas dinner with family, and and all those special Christmas events our children participate in.  But what else?  This year I have chosen to take pictures of the little things that all are part of our annual traditions AND that lead up to the big day.  I also vow to try and scrap as I go that way it doesn't get too overwhelming.  So with all that said, here is where I am starting my Christmas 2012 scrapbooking:

Our Christmas holiday season always starts soon after Thanksgiving when we go out to cut down our family Christmas tree.  As always, we went to Pruitt's Tree Farm, and this year we cut a Blue Spruce (pictured above).  The girls found a tree they liked
however their daddy and I both agreed it needed a little more time to grow ;).  Besides, if Mia can jump over it......
it probably should stay in the ground!  So Anthony got to cutting down the tree.
Bella and Mia played while Caterina hung with us watching her daddy cut the tree....
The girls have a favorite part once the tree is in the house.  That is watching the wrapping get cut and the tree POP open.

Now the lights get checked.  We are still using the same lights we bought in 1998 when we first got married (YES they work)!
And, finally, we have our tree all trimmed and lit!!!!!!  What a great day we had getting our home ready for the holidays!
So as you can see, it doesn't take much to journal by jotting down some quick thoughts about your own family traditions.  My advice is to just take the few minutes to do it!!!  You will be grateful you did.  Want to scrap your Xmas memories?  Let me show you how.  Stay tuned for December classes and workshops and join us!!!!!

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