Sunday, March 13, 2011

How To Earn FREE Close To My Heart Product

I know what you must be thinking..."oh, no, she is going to ask me to host a party here at my house that hasn't been cleaned in a month and is way too small. I have to serve people food, find someone to take care of my kids, and explain to my husband why I will be putting him in charge of our chaotic family while I chat it up with the girls and scrapbook (which, by the way, I am NOT creative)!!!" Well you are right and wrong :). Yes, I am going to offer you an opportunity to be a hostess that earns FREE stuff, however, it can be done differently. This can be the perfect opportunity to get a few things to scrapbook with and not spend any money. So if you fall in love with the CTMH product (and you will) woohoo, you got to have a free "test drive" and if you don't like it (doubt it) no money lost. Now you are saying, "ok, ok, Danielle, tell me the idea."

Some of you may already know that I am a business person who likes to befriend her customers, make a connection with each and every one personally, and earn their trust. That for me is mostly why I do what I do. Now I won't lie, of course, the money is good and it is a great incentive, however the quality of what I offer comes as priority. I get paid to bring family and friends together to preserve their memories. They get "time" to sit and do what they love and reconnect. With all that said, my only intention is to help those around me feel comfortable enough to try this amazing craft that will be with them for a life time. I need to spread the word!!!!

What can you do? Host a catalog party. How much do you need to spend? Nothing! All you need to do is pass out some catalogs to those around you that you think may be interested. If you can get $150 total in orders, you just earned $25 in FREE product. You can earn more too....the more orders you get, the better your chances of more FREE stuff. Here is how you do it:

Contact me and tell me that you are interested in hosting a catalog party. I'll supply you with a few catalogs along with order forms along with any specials going on for the month. We will set a closing date for your party. When you are done collecting orders, give them back to me and I'll process it all for you. Then the best part....I contact you with the good news of how much FREE stuff you can get. When your product gets here, I pack it up and bring it to you to hand to your customers. That's it!!!!

I just had a friend and loyal customer do this and she earned SO FAR...we are still open.....$60 in FREE product AND 50% off any item in the catalog!!!! Woohoo, Urs, you rock!

So if you are interested in doing something like this to earn FREE me!

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