Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Journal?

I have so many of my scrap peeps asking me, "why bother journal our pages?". Or I will have some who say they don't like journaling because they don't like their handwriting. Well for all of you "anti-journalers" out there. This post is for you.

Journaling is important. Though you have the basic memory in the photo you are trying to preserve through scrapbooking, the details of your memory may fade with time. For instance, traveling with my family is precious time for me. I love to scrapbook my vacations with my husband and children. Having children, I feel like I want to freeze every moment, right down to the sweet little things they say. So I use journaling as an opportunity to log those things such as the following: favorite things that were said, funny pronunciations of words when your children are small, or even including the description of that one outfit your child wants to wear all the time...LOL.

So here are some tips:

  • Keep a small notepad in your purse/camera case/beach bag to jot little things down (don't forget to include the date)
  • If you don't like your handwriting, consider typing your thoughts using a fun font on your computer (be sure to print it out on acid free paper...may I suggest CTMH cardstock/B&T Duos)
  • If you are not a "writer", just include a few words that will capture the memory of your photo
  • Have your children sit and look at the photo you are scrapping and come up with a thought to journal together.

  • Have Fun!!!! Remember, this doesn't have to be a 2 page essay. Something simple is all you need.
I decided to start making some extra effort in making journal cards for my layouts. Pictured here are a couple of journal cards I created using a theme made for "Splendor"

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